— Kirsten Han

My full portfolio can be found at this link, but here is a list of selected clips:

Society and Politics

Singapore can have meritocracy or nepotism, but not both for Foreign Policy

A straight married couple became a same-sex one and Singapore’s famous efficiency broke down for Quartz

‘Gangsters’ showing unwanted migrant workers the door in Singapore for ABC News

A new school of thought for Esquire Singapore

On death row in Singapore for Roads and Kingdoms/Slate

The Skin I Live In for Southeast Asia Globe

Business, Entrepreneurship and Tech

Shop ’til they drop: Singapore’s shopping centres struggling to survive for Southeast Asia Globe

As Netflix moves in, local video streaming platforms fight back for Focus ASEAN

The business of love: fierce competition between dating apps for Focus ASEAN

Arts and Culture

Taking to the stage with Singapore’s most fearless theatre company for Southeast Asia Globe

Why Crazy Rich Asians isn’t really a win for diverse representation for The Establishment

Mothership.sg Reads: The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye for Mothership.sg

The LKY Musical: The history of Chinese men’s Singapore for The Online Citizen

Food, Lifestyle and Travel

The Perfect Day in Singapore for Explore Parts Unknown

Is this the end of Singapore’s hawker culture? for Explore Parts Unknown

Would you pay someone to hunt your Pokemon? for CNN

Michelin star for Singapore noodle stall where lunch is half the price of a Big Mac for The Guardian

Singapore’s posh pets stay in air-conditioned suites and dine on gourmet butcher cuts for Mashable

Architecture and Development

Singapore Inc. for Esquire Singapore

A Farewell to Commonwealth Drive for Commonwealth Writers

Land-starved Singapore exhumes its cemeteries to build roads and malls for The Guardian

Yoda and his 24 billion dots at Lucasfilm’s Singapore headquarters for Archi-Expo

Beyond Singapore

Malaysia: Najib Doubles Down for The Diplomat

Reclaiming the Signal for Compass Cultura

Scottish pro-independence movement faces uphill battle for Waging Nonviolence